The Producers


A pair of male and female Keepers who work together and know everything the other does. They guide the changelings in their “care” in a series of contests built around a theme, eliminating the changelings one by one until a winner is crowned. The winner is the one who gives themselves totally to faerie. This can be by subsuming identity under art, by abandoning human morals to manipulate and use their competition like a true fae, or by otherwise giving themselves heart and soul to the realm. The winner is feted and then sent away “to bigger and better things”, and not seen again.

In reality the contest is there to shape and grow changelings, who are then given or sold to other Keepers. Changelings find their kith by competing, and sharpen their skills until they become a shining example of faeness and are sent away. New changelings are taken from Earth or given by other Keepers to take their places. The contests vary completely. Often they’re beauty pageants for some specific look or attitude, or artistic contests. But as often they might be a series of cage matches between Ogres, dehumanizing pet shows between Beasts, or esoteric set of tasks for Wizened to perform. The specific thing the pair says they are looking for is never the same twice, though often similar. ex: One week might be looking for the sweetest singer of melancholy, while another might be called to look for someone who can sing of forgotten hope.

The Producers are each completely knowledgeable of anything relevant to the current performance. They’re expert singers. Students of history. Know the smallest details of manners amongst many cultures. Experts on the strengths and weaknesses of many animals. The upshot is that they always know more than their charges. And they always can make their charges feel as if they’ve done something wrong and failed to live up to the Keepers’ expectations.

Emotional manipulation is at the core of the realm. If their charges could look at things clearly, they’d see the pair as smarmy and full of themselves, but in the realm the pair are the arbiters of worth. A casual notice or snub can change a person’s day, and most competitors are fighting as hard as they can in order to get the approval of their Keepers.


The Producers

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