Maebh Sullivan


(Reduced Clarity to 6 at creation for 5 extra points)

Dual Kith Leechfinger (Darkling) / Flowering (Fairest)

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Strength 1
Dexterity 4
Stamina 1

Presence 2
Manipulation 4
Composure 2

Health 6/6
Willpower 4/4
Wyrd 1/1
Clarity 6

Computer 1
Crafts 1
Investigation 2

Athletics 2 (Acrobatics)
Stealth 3 (Stalking)
Weaponry 2 (Improvised)

Empathy 3
Persuasion 4 (Seduction)
Socialize 1
Subterfuge 3

Dual Kith 3 (Fairest-Flowering)
Striking Looks 2
Numbing Touch 4
Improvised Weaponry 3

Darkness 2
Fleeting Spring 2
Fleeting Winter 1


Young, attractive Bostonian of 20, marries up in the world. She married Brian Sullivan, 25 years her senior, not out of love, but because he provided the stability and luxuries that Maebh had always desired. Their son, Brady, was born 6 months after they were married. Unfortunately, Brian turned out to be a controlling and abusive drunk and his mood liable to change from pleasant to mean in a blink of an eye.

Ten years of hellish marriage followed, made tolerable by her son and her husband’s devotion to him. Several affairs and dalliances along the way and the spending of exorbitant amounts of her husband’s money were her way of dealing with her anger. It was only after her husband beat her in front of their son that she decided to kill him. She certainly could have divorced him and lived well, but she wanted him dead and to have every dollar of his belong to her. She poisoned him with a drop of pure nicotine applied to his skin that mimicked a cardiac arrest.

Maebh Sullivan

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